Fifteen52 analog HD - Asphalt Black

Fifteen52 Analog HD Asphalt Black

If you’re not a fan of modern off-road wheels with a ridiculously deep lip, questionable design, and fancy easy to damage finish, Analog HD rims by Fifteen52 will be your best bet. With modern touches and improved functionality, these wheels will look right at home on both classic and modern off-road vehicles.

Back in the days when our fathers started exploring remote trails with their Willys and Broncos, it was all about the function and no one really cared about the looks as long as the vehicle could get from the point A to the point B. The things were rugged and simple and this is what made them so reliable. Read more about the whole line up of Fifteen52 offroad wheels here.

Rims are the key point of any off-road build, as they not only improve the visual appeal but also boost the 4×4 qualities of your rig. One of the main reasons why you should consider getting a new set of rims for your vehicle is the ability to mount larger tires that wouldn’t fit on factory rims. Aftermarket rims can properly accommodate wide A/T or M/T tires that provide much better grip and traction in comparison to factory spec wheels.

Classic Black off-road wheels
Classic off-road rims on trucks and 4x4
Larry Chan's Lifted Toyota FJ Cruiser on Analog HD rims by Fifteen52
Lifted Toyota 4Runner with off-road modifications

Fifteen 52 Analog HD - Sizes & Specs

AHDAB-67554-00ASPHALT BLACK167.5071.523.465x114.3 (4.5)2500
AHDTG-67554-00SLATE GREY167.5071.523.465x114.3 (4.5)2500
AHDAB-67569-00ASPHALT BLACK167.50106.223.466x139.7 (5.5)2500
AHDTG-67569-00SLATE GREY167.50106.223.466x139.7 (5.5)2500
AHDAB-78557-00ASPHALT BLACK178.5071.527.55x127 (5)2500
AHDTG-78557-00SLATE GREY178.5071.527.55x127 (5)2500
AHDAB-78569-00ASPHALT BLACK178.50106.227.56x139.7 (5.5)2500
AHDTG-78569-00SLATE GREY178.50106.227.56x139.7 (5.5)2500

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