Ford F250 prerunner – benefits of the Super Duty platform

Ford f250 prerunner picture liftedFord F250 is not a common platform for a prerunner build because of it’s weight and size however it’s mighty 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine gives it a plenty of power to roam through the desert terrain. The design of the F250 trucks is also somwhat appealing and it certainly looks great with wide bulge fenders, long travel suspension and 39″ tires.

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FOrd F250 prerunner bumper

Long base provides stability at the high speeds which helps the truck literally fly over bumps and pots.

OBS Ford F250 is certainly one of the most favorite model of any Ford enthusiast and you can find quite a few good examples of prerunners built on Ford F250 OBS platform.

Ford f250 prerunner

Check out this beautiful 06 Ford F250 Super duty prerunner rushing through a local desert and performing mild jumps. It’s equipped with a 4.5 Lift by Carli and 3.0″ 2-tube bypasses on the front and 4 tubes on the back. Wider stance and longer control arms could give the truck more stability, but even this setup makes it perfect for a fun driving on the desert terrain.

Even though third generation F250 trucks are rarely modified in a prerunner style, there are some nice examples.

Here is a Ford F250 Super Duty equipped with Addidctive Desert lift kit, front bumper and skid plate to achieve that nasty Prerunner look.

Ford F250 3rd gen prerunner addictive desert

Ford F250 3rd gen prerunner addictive desert front bumper

Ford F250 3rd gen prerunner addictive desert lift kit

Ford F250 3rd gen prerunner off-road wheels

Ford F250 prerunner – benefits of the Super Duty platform

By Matt Grabli

Ford F250 prerunner – main benefits and disadvantages of this platform. How to build a prerunner truck on the base of a Super Duty truck. Pictures + Video




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