How to Build a Ford Bronco Prerunner in F150 Raptor Style

Ford Bronco Prerunner - Project Braptor

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Today’s story is dedicated to one of the most famous Ford Bronco Prerunners that literally blew out the internet and all social media platforms. Project name Braptor is simple as it can be and literally tells that you are about to witness the insane combination of the most badass trucks from the Ford’s History – 90’s Bronco and modern Raptor.

We all know the fact that big american station wagons that were widespread all over the country started to die out as a class in the late eighties, but who could think that the same history would happen with the nation’s favorite sport utility vehicles like Ramcharger, Blazer and Bronco. Apparently the consumer interest to 5-door suv’s and Crew cab trucks has killed the sales of the full size 3-door SUVs, which is why Ford decided to discontinue the Bronco. It used to have an awesome design, powerful engine, insane off-road capabilities, but nothing could bring the sales back. Perhaps this is why Ford didn’t even try to reenter the market with a new generation of the Bronco model for the last 20 years, however the feeling of nostalgia for these legendary vehicles still lives in the hearts of die hard off-road enthusiasts and seems to be even stronger today. Perhaps this is exactly how Braptor was born.

Ford Bronco 2018

The recipe is simple – take design elements of modern F150 truck and combine them with the silhouette of the good old Bronco and in the end you will get an idea of what would modern Bronco look like if Ford was about to relaunch it today. Nothing complicated, you can say, any Ford guy has visualized this image in his head for a million of times, but there’s only few that were crazy and wealthy enough to take the challenge of building it in metal.

Ford Bronco With F150 Raptor Front End Conversion

Ford Bronco Trophy Truck

This Ford Bronco Prerunner was built by the guys from Jorman raceworks and the modifications were not limited to regular prerunner suspension conversions. It appeared that the chassis of Big Bronco was not big enough, or better say long enough to handle the high speed chases on the rough desert terrain, so it was decided to stretch it. One foot longer wheelbase required the extension of all other components such as drive shaft, chassis and body panels. The rear portion was extended a little bit to fit nicely with extended quarter panels. This extension made it look especially well balanced which rarely happens with custom projects and conversions of this kind. Front end was fitted with first generation Ford Raptor elements such as grille, headlights, hood and bulge prerunner fenders. Rear wide fenders were perfectly matched with Raptor tail lights that look just at home on a completely reengineered Bronco rear end.

Ford Bronco Prerunner Fenders

Custom long travel tnt front and 4 link rear suspension has given the Braptor a proper off-road articulation and up to 30” of wheel travel. 7.5L big block V8 gives just enough power to make it as fast as a Mustang on a concrete track.
This Ford Bronco prerunner is certainly one of the coolest off-road projects that I’ve seen in a while and if it happens that you dig it completely as we do, you have a chance to acquire it for just about $50,000. The vehicle resides in So Cal, to get in touch with the seller – find him on instagram by the username trophy_truckin or use a hashtag #braptor.

FORD Bronco on 40 inch Tires

Below is the full list of modifications on this insane Ford Bronco Prerunner:

  • Ttb front suspension 24″ of travel
  • King 2.5 coilovers
  • King 2.5 3 tube bypass shox
  • King 2.0 bumpstops
  • 4 link rear suspension 31″ of travel
  • King 2.5 coilovers
  • King 3.0 bypass shocks
  • King 2.0 bumpstops2″
  • 2″ chromoly cage
  • 1 ft longer wheelbase
  • 7.5 big block motor
  • Freshly build c6 tranny
  • 10.5 chrysler full floater rearend
  • 4:56 gears
  • 5 bfgoodrich kr2 39×13.50r17 tires
  • 5 method wheels
  • Fiberwerx Bronco to Raptor front clip grill and headlights
  • Custom fiberwerx stretch bronco to raptor bedsides and taillights
  • Fiberwerx dashboardAutometer gauges7″hd lowrance gps
  • Momo steering wheel
  • 3 sparco evo seats
  • Sparco harness
  • Optima battery
  • Modified frame rails to be able to lower ride height
  • CnC brake pedals and master cylinder
1994 Ford Bronco


FOrd Bronco with large off-road Tires

Ford Bronco long base - Extended

Ford Bronco Prerunner fabrication

  1. Jared$ 3 years ago

    This thing is absolutely insane! Bronco FTW

  2. DIfflock85 3 years ago

    I’ve seen it on Instagram a couple of times. It definitely needs a new owner. I wish it was me haha

  3. 1pac 2 years ago

    Such a rad prerunner! Obs Bronco ftw

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