JDM spec Toyota Land Cruisers

Toyota land cruiser prado 90 lifted JDM Japanese spec

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Japan is the home of Toyota Land Cuiser and it’s no wonder that this model has developed a huge following in it’s own country. Unfortunately English speaking world doesn’t always get a good insight of how things work in the country of raising sun, however thanks to passionate enthusiasts we do get a chance to lurk at what’s going on their off-road scene. In a post of Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters we spotted a bunch of great looking Toyota Land Cruisers of various generations. It was a small highlight about a Japanese offroad shop FLEX that is specialized on 4×4 vehicles, and a great part of it’s inventory is our favorite Toyota Land Cruisers. JDM spec rigs look somehow different from their US and Australian analogs and definitely have a special vibe.

Toyota land cruiser 80 lifted JDM spec

Jaanese delaer of 4x4

Toyota land cruiser flex japan

Toyota land cruiser prado FJ70 JDM spec


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