JDM spec Toyota Land Cruisers

Toyota land cruiser prado 90 lifted JDM Japanese spec

Japan is the home of Toyota Land Cuiser and it’s no wonder that this model has developed a huge following in it’s own country. Unfortunately English speaking world doesn’t always get a good insight of how things work in the country of raising sun, however thanks to passionate enthusiasts we do get a chance to lurk at what’s going on their off-road scene. In a post of Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters we spotted a bunch of great looking Toyota Land Cruisers of various generations. It was a small highlight about a Japanese offroad shop FLEX that is specialized on 4×4 vehicles, and a great part of it’s inventory is our favorite Toyota Land Cruisers. JDM spec rigs look somehow different from their US and Australian analogs and definitely have a special vibe.

Toyota land cruiser 80 lifted JDM spec

Jaanese delaer of 4x4

Toyota land cruiser flex japan

Toyota land cruiser prado FJ70 JDM spec


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